How to Select the Best Stereo Speakers

Many people have stereo systems in their homes for personal entertainment reasons. However, when your stereo begins to show some signs of poor quality sound, it is time to consider replacing the speakers. If the bass is weak, perhaps it is due to a disintegrated home surround. For a dull high sound, the tweeters may have blown off. These reasons and others may require you to shop around for new set of stereo speakers. Because of many suppliers in the market, you need to learn a few things about the speakers before you buy.

Types of Stereo speakers

Stereo speakers are available in various types, which you can choose according to your preference.

* Floor standing speakers: Common to many residential houses, these speakers have higher performance and can produce quality sound in varying frequencies. They can produce deep bass, and are more efficient than other types of stereo speakers. They produce high quality sound that is big and room filling. However, based on their size and quality, they are more expensive than other types of speakers.

* Bookshelf Speakers: This category of speakers can deliver great performance for indoor listening. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and most of them are small enough to fit in a cabinet or shelf. They are suitable for rooms with limited spaces, small and medium bedrooms, and in music-only areas. If the sound does not come out to your expectation, you can use subwoofers to enhance the deep bass quality.

* Powered computer speakers: Common in offices and small spaces such as college rooms and hostels, these speakers can produce high quality sound. However, they are suitable for places with limited spaces.

All stereo speakers come with a cabinet design, which encloses and hold the speaker unit in place. The cabinet enclosure plays an important role to ensure that the speaker produces quality sound by containing the air inside the space. When you begin shopping for your speakers, look for a cabinet design that suits your needs. There are mainly two types of cabinet enclosures: acoustic suspension and bass reflex.

Acoustic suspension can provide great sound quality but may need extra amplifier to enhance the production. Bass reflex designs are more power-efficient than acoustic designs. While they may not need extra amplifier, they may sacrifice some accuracy in bass production due to their high output.

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