Steps to Operating a Slitter Rewinder Machine

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Shopping

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The slitter rewinder machine contains razor sharp knives that cut down paper products to pre-determined sizes and shapes. The paper is fed into the splitter to be cut to size and then they go to the rewinder for the finishing touches. There are various knives that get positioned all along the slitter machine, to ensure the most accurate cuts. Generally, these knives are either adjusted manually or electronically, depending on the age of the slitter rewinder machine. The following are the some of the steps that you need to take to operate the slitter rewinder machine properly.

Pre-Operation Checklist

Before you begin to use the machine, there is a number of things you need to check. The first thing is to adjust the slitter knives to whatever measurement is needed for the product that is being made. As previously mentioned, the adjustment will either be made manually or remotely depending on the age of the machine. You also need to check the sharpness of your blades because working with dull blades with compromise the quality of the cuts. Also, make sure that there is no leftover paper from previous jobs because this will interfere with your cuts.

Risks Involved In Operation

There are many risks involved in operating a slitter. Among these risks is the chance that you may be cut by one of the razor sharp blades. During the movement of the process, the cuts will cause much more damage due to the force that is applied to the blades to make the paper cuts. There have even been instances of the slitter knives being ejected from the machine altogether. This ejection can cause severe injuries and in some cases even death. In high speed splitters, the knives will move with such force that they can actually shatter sending small pieces of sharp metal flying through the air. For anyone not wearing personal protection equipment this could put out an eye or worse.

You should treat this machine with the utmost respect, because it can do you great harm. Generally accidents occur due to negligence on the part of the operator. The pre operation checklist provides you with the knowledge to detect problems before they happen.

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