3 Factors Game Hunters Should Consider When Buying Crossbows Online

Crossbows that are available on today’s market are swift and accurate with enough power to take down North America’s largest game animals with a clean kill. Many hunters find much joy in modern crossbows. However, in order to benefit the most from your weapon, you should know how to optimize it for effective hunting. Here are 3 key factors you should consider when you are looking to buy crossbows online.

  1. Remember – You Get What You Pay For.
    There is a large difference in quality between a bargain crossbow and a top-shelf model. Even though you may be paying less, the cheap crossbow will not be built as well. Lower priced crossbows have even been known to be lacking in accuracy and reliability, which may end up costing you a kill. A good crossbow will cost between $300-$1,000, depending on the model. There are also crossbow packages that include arrows and points, sight scope and cocking device that range between $800-$1,500. Before you decide to go cheap, remember that cost equals quality and value when it comes to an efficient weapon.
  2. Choose Appropriate Draw Weight and Arrow Speed
    Most states have regulated the draw weight for hunting crossbows. This figure typically ranges from 75-200 pounds. The heavier the draw weight, the faster the arrow will fly. Most crossbows are in the range of 150-175 pounds (a 100-pound draw weight is enough to kill a whitetail at medium range). Few crossbows exceed 200 pounds, but be aware of your state’s regulations, as some have set this draw weight as a maximum. At these heavier weights, arrows can fly at 300-400 fps, which will cleanly and accurately take down large game animals.
  3. Maintenance of String, Rail and Trigger
    When buying crossbows online, it is important to remember to also purchase lubricant and bowstring wax. Like any machine, crossbows need regular maintenance to keep them accurate and effective. Crossbows have direct and repeated string to rail contact, which means they take continual damage from friction and micro tears every time they are fired. Hunters should check all cables and strings for signs of wear. If you see signs of fraying, it is important that you replace the parts. However, you can mitigate the need for continual replacement of the different components with regular maintenance and lubrication. It is especially important after trips to the field, as the center serving and rails can be exposed to more damage from dirt and debris while hunting in the elements.

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