6 Ways to Get an Opt-in from Trade Show Attendees

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You work hard at trade shows. You put together excellent trade show exhibit displays. You have a great team manning the booth. You get plenty of people stopping and visiting. You’re feeling good about the results you’re getting but you want to be sure you get as much engagement and as many leads as possible so that you can justify continuing to spend time, effort, manpower, and money on trade show exhibit displays.

By measuring your success you can see what’s working, which events work best, which teams bring about the biggest ROI, and so forth. Getting leads and opt-ins can be a great way to measure that success level. But how do you do that?

Here are some tips:

1. Have a contest that involves an opt-in to a newsletter or mailing list.
2. Encourage social media sign ups through literature and you can do this through contests, as well.
3. Put QR codes on your trade show exhibit displays that lead to opt-in pages. Once people opt-in they can gain access to further content related to the event and / or item they are interested in.
4. Collect business cards for a draw for a prize.
5. Have an interactive display with a computer / iPads or some other local medium that gets people keying in their contact information for you.
6. Have an event that people can sign-up to attend. It could be related to the tradeshow or shortly thereafter.


Don’t spam people. You’ll want an actual opt-in or you could get in trouble, either through local government anti-spam policies or via the trade show itself, which will typically have guidelines for marketing.

Consider a double-opt in policy for something like emailed newsletters, for example. This involves an email going out to request permission for contact and the person receiving the email has to do something to confirm their permission.


Have a strategy for follow-up. You can integrate a sales funnel or your CRM software into the tradeshow so that you can effectively measure things like lead sources and marketing methods. This information will help you with future marketing strategies.

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