Basic Types of Systems for a Home Security Alarm in Iowa City IA

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Electrician

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As the number of thefts and burglaries rises, many people are concerned with the safety of their home. Beyond locking your doors and windows when you leave, the best way to protect your valuables is by installing a Home Security Alarm in Iowa City IA. This allows your home to be monitored when you’re not there, or when you’re sleeping. There are two main types of security systems, and both have a wide variety of price ranges to fit any budget. These types are the basic motion detecting alarm and the motion detecting video surveillance system.

Basic Motion Detecting Alarm

The motion detecting alarm is generally a more basic package, and thus is a little less expensive than the video surveillance. Once the alarm is installed, if any doors or windows are opened the alarm will sound and the monitoring company will be notified. They’ll be able to call the police for you, so they can arrive in time to catch the burglar. Often, the alarm itself is enough to send the thief running because they know the police will soon arrive.

Motion Detecting Video Surveillance System

If you want even more protection, a motion detecting video surveillance system may be right for you. The prices for these systems vary, depending on the number and quality of cameras being installed. They work the same way the more basic system does, but along with alerting the monitoring company the cameras are turned on and start to record. Even if the person who breaks into your home leaves before the police arrive, the footage from the surveillance cameras may help the police catch them.

If you’re interested in a Home Security Alarm in Iowa City IA, there are numerous options available to you within these two basic types. When you speak to a professional, such as one from the Easy Living Store, they can help you choose the right one based on your home, the valuables you have, and your budget. There’s an option for everyone, so now’s the time to call and have an in home estimate done. You don’t want to wait until someone has already broken into your home. Follow us on Twitter for our latest updates!

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