Choosing Non-GMO Foods: What This Really Means

In recent years, more and more people have started to realize the importance of heating healthy and doing what they can to eat more natural foods in their diet. When you are able to eat natural items like fruits and vegetables you are giving yourself and your body the fuel it needs so that you can stay healthy. However, while choosing to eat fruits and vegetables is an important first step, many people do not realize that buying fruits and vegetables has recently gotten more complicated thanks to something known as GMOs. It is important that people who are grocery shopping for fruits and vegetables in today’s market know about GMOs and the importance of buying non-GMO foods.

GMO foods are items that have been genetically manipulated with chemicals and other items that will help the fruit grow larger, to have less blemishes and even to taste sweeter. Technology is used to genetically alter the seeds to help the fruit look and even taste better. However, this process is not natural and studies have shown that these genetically modified foods actually come with a number of serious side effects. The scary thing to keep in mind is that those who are not looking out for non-GMO foods are likely purchasing genetically modified fruits and vegetables and actually harming their bodies while they think they are making healthy choices. These GMO foods are filled with chemicals, pesticides and other items that can harm the body.

If you are buying from the produce aisle at the grocery store and the foods are not specifically marked as organic or that they are non-GMO foods, chances are they have GMOs in them. You may think that the pepper you are about to buy is a healthy and natural food choice because it is green, large, perfectly shaped and free from blemishes. However, when a fruit or vegetable is that perfect looking in today’s market it has likely been genetically modified. This is why with anything you buy, whether its an apple or something with fresh fruit or vegetables in the ingredients such as an all natural fruit bar; you will want to make sure that you check to be certain you are eating non-GMO foods. If you are not careful you can actually be submitting your body to chemicals and pesticides that can do as much or more damage that processed foods can do to your body.

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