Common Questions Regarding Wrist Wraps for CrossFit Training

Chances are you have seen them at the gym, worn by other athletes. They are short and tight, typically made with thick material; however, do you know the real purpose of these accessories? Or why you may need to use them during your CrossFit training? If not, use the information here to help you learn all about Crossfit Wrist Wraps.

Why are wrist wraps worn?

The wrist wrap offers extra support for your wrists during various cross-training activities. No matter if you struggle with immobility of your wrists, general pain when your wrists are under weight or nerve impingement, this extra support can help to keep everything secure and tight and you will notice a reduction in the pain and pressure you experience in your wrists.

Do you need to wear wrist wraps?

If you have noticed any type of discomfort in your wrists while you are lifting weights, then wrist wraps can be extremely beneficial. If your wrists are not causing you many issues right now, you may begin to notice discomfort as you increase the weights you work with. At this point, it will be a good idea to invest in a quality pair of wrist wraps.

What movements should wrist wraps be worn for?

This will likely be a different answer for each person. Generally, wrist wraps are the ideal accessory for Olympic lifts. Most people will also experience some type of discomfort in the wrists during overhead lifts, as well as lifts that are performed in the front rack position.

Does the type of wrist wrap matter?

There are a number of different options of wrist wraps you can try to find the type of support that you need. For example, there are wraps that include an additional binding for support, cloth wraps that are able to be cut a t different lengths, as well as leather wraps. However, there are also a number of athletes that simply us athletic tape. The best way to determine which one is right for you is through a process of trial and error.

If you are working on your wrist mobility and strength, you should not wear the wraps. However, when you wear them while performing other exercises, you can reduce the pain and discomfort that you feel, which will help you continue to train with limited issues.

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