Designing Home Stereo Systems For Rooms Furnished With Music logoMost music lovers take pride in their Home Stereo Systems. It’s been a source of happiness for people going back to the days of phonographs and eight track players. Ironically, both were still around when Movie Lovers Audio was created in 1989.

At the time, it was a music shop started with the intention of making the highest quality of sound available for lovers of all types of musical genres. Owners Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain felt that their new endeavor should be driven by the quality of sound one could obtain for their Home Stereo Systems, and not one based on selling the largest and more popular brand names. Customer satisfaction was the key motivating factor, not just at the time of purchase but in the long run. That’s because as anyone who has ever listened to music knows, when sounds touch your heart they can not be defined by branding or advertising.

Of course, the world of home audio has changed considerably since their shop’s humble beginnings. However your own music is received be it digitally or through that now retro record player, you want to creatively furnish your rooms with sound. Add in the home theater aspect, as your sound system now takes on a theatrical flair that was unimaginable only years ago.

Matching up the right sound and theater system to each customer is the quest of the personalized service that this business is known for. One glance at their web site at gives you an idea of the wealth and brealth of their vast inventory and subject expertise.

What sets this audio shop above all other shops in the bay area, is the complete personalization that each customer receives so that they can be the audio, video and home theater designer of their own home. The taste for sound contained within the individual would be found and satisfied with the right mix made especially for them. The order and arrangement of their sound system is just as important to the desire of their ears, as how their living room furniture is arranged to please the eye.

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