Do Gymnastics in Comfort

Long sleeve gymnastics leotards are an ideal garment to add to your collection of activewear. You do not have to be a gymnast in order to enjoy the benefits of these leotards. They are also ideal for dance classes such as ballet, tap and jazz. You can do yoga in comfort when wearing one of these leotards.

The long sleeves keep your arms warm when the studio or room is not at your preferred temperature. While you do your warm-up exercises, the material keeps you comfortable. Even when you are hitting the mats hard with your floor routine, you will still enjoy the breathable comfort of these leotards.

In addition to being an excellent piece of clothing for gymnasts, dancers and yogis, these leotards also make for a good layering piece. You could wear them under a blazer or chunky knit sweater for an added layer of warmth. On a cold winter’s day, this layer of clothing helps wick moisture away from your body and leaves plenty of room for a second shirt and a big winter coat.

These leotards are made of machine-washable material. You can launder them as often as you need to without worrying that the fabric will pill. Even after dozens of washings, these leotards remain sturdy and looking as good as they did the first time you wore them. You will not have to worry about snags because of the fabric’s tight weave. The threads maintain their opacity, so they will not become see-thru even if you wash and dry them every day for weeks or months of wear.

When you are in search of long sleeve gymnastics leotards, contact us at Garland Activewear. You may also visit us online in order to learn more about our leotards and our other gymnastics products.

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