Electric Pool Heaters: What You Need To Know About Installing One

Electric Pool Heaters are certainly a requirement if you want to make sure that you can swim in your pool in the cold season, when everything else is just frozen solid. However, there are a few important aspects you need to consider when it comes to choosing and installing your electric pool heater and that is why in the following paragraphs this article will focus on this.

Choosing Your Heater
For your heating needs, Electric Pool Heaters are available in a large variety of options. Most of the times, you will find they are separated in categories that are based on energy consumption of KWs needed for them to operate. This actually influences how warm the water in your pool will be after it has been heated and how long you need to wait until the water gets hot.

Selecting Heater Location
After you will have decided on an electric heater for your pool, you will of course need to think about where you’re going to install it. It’s a great idea if you can choose a location which is closest to your pool pump and best for accessibility to the electric box. Keep in mind that using extension cords with your electric pool heater is not recommended at all, because it’s considered a hazardous action

When it comes to the installation process of Electric Pool Heaters, it basically involves diverting filtered water that has gone through the filter and then back into the pool. You can reroute the water into the heater before it returns to the pool by using PVC fitting like T’s and elbows, but also PVC pipes that are cut to length. Next, make sure that you glue the fittings in place, ensure the heater is plugged in and then, turn on the system and see how well your new heater works.


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