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by | Mar 11, 2015 | Shopping

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Western purses complete with fringe, buckles, crosses, horses, and everything in-between have become a very popular item recently. Although these purses have certainly been around for many years, their popularity has been swiftly growing as of late, and they seem to be just coming into their own in the fashion world.

These popular western purses from major designers are available in numerous exciting colors, including: pink, black, apricot, turquoise, brown, sunflower, purple, gold, bronze, pewter, red, fuchsia, eggplant, navy, coffee, blue and even red, white and blue for the patriotic ladies out there. The major designers of western purses include Montana West, a premiere designer of western purses that has numerous styles to suit just about every woman’s taste.

Montana West handbags are very popular these days and available in numerous styles and colors. They are available in the:

1. Montana West Fringe Collection
2. Camo Styles
3. Aztec Spiritual Styles
4. The Western Sugar Skull Collection
5. The Trinity Ranch Tooling Collection
6. The Western Aztec Collection (which includes a messenger bag, as well as a standard size handbag)
7. A Concealed Handgun Collection

Many Montana West handgun bags are decorated with silver studs or other accouterments; and they all have a back zipper pocket approximately 5.5 inches x 5 inches for concealing a handgun. Several styles also have a zipper enclosure for the purse overall, an open pocket on the back, and 4 bottom studs. Most handbags also have a removable and adjustable nylon strap which comes complete with embroidery that says “Montana West”, of course. This list is just a small part of the myriad of Montana West handbags available today.

To go with your trendy Montana West handbag, what could be better than a matching Montana West wallet? They come in just about every style and several of them are tooled leather with silver embellishments. Some have genuine cowhide on their fronts with a removable strap for converting the wallet into a handy wristlet. Many of the wallets, like the Trinity Ranch line, have a zipper back pocket, as well as one on the interior for holding money, credit cards and identification.

Fashion items like western purses don’t have to be expensive even though they may look quite costly. You can purchase them wholesale and save a great deal of money by doing so. You’ll get plenty of functionality and fashion without breaking your budget by buying wholesale, and since these purses are literally in the height of fashion right now, you’ll be super-stylish with one to go with every outfit. The best part is that, when you get your western purses at wholesale pricing, you can better afford that new outfit.

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