From Foam To Fluff Dry: Commercial Laundry Equipment Can Keep Your Business Afloat

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Shopping

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More and more, families are shifting to home environments that do not include personal laundry facilities. An increase in single parent families, individuals staying single longer and an increase in lifespan all are contributing to a rise in multi-family housings, which rarely include in unit machines. Whether it is an on-site laundry facility at an apartment complex, standalone laundromat or other commercial machines such as those used by hospitals, when mechanical components break down the proper parts can sometimes be a challenge to find. By finding a commercial laundry equipment in the area, maintenance can be trouble free!

As with smaller scale machines, certain parts of a commercial washing machine are designed to be replaced regularly as part of its routine care. Internal bearings, belts, filters and drum seals all give way far more often than the motor or housing itself, and can easily extend the life of an otherwise doomed machine. A well supplied company will carry most popular models, lessening wait time for critically needed parts to arrive. Unsure of the specifics of a part number or style you are looking for? By keeping trained professionals on staff, the average laundry equipment company can not only locate the exact part you need but guide you through checklists to help prevent future troubles. Older machines pose a particular challenge, but this too is where working with a professional proves all but invaluable. Locating parts that will serve in place of originals that may no longer be in production helps lessen the cost of replacing a machine for what may be a very simple fix.

Looking to expand the number of machines you offer your clients? Many commercial laundry equipment companies also sell new machines. Depending on your budget and needs, you are all but certain to be paired with the best machine for your money when working with a company that handles commercial machines day in and day out, rather than a big box store who may just happen to have a few on hand. Whether it’s a repair of a broken machine, an upgrade to digital readers or even new equipment, finding the right business for your needs will help things stay squeaky clean!

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