How to Dress Like a Fashion Star in 1950’s Clothing

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Shopping

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1950 was the prime year for fashion and style breakthrough in clothing designs. Major design houses strived to come up with functional items of clothing for women and men.1950’s clothing is governed by consumerism, code and conformity.

They are mostly made from polyester, acrylic, spandex and triacetate fabrics. Get them in these comfortable fabrics and be in the element of 50s fashion trends. Below are some tips to help you match up 1950’s clothing.

For women’s wear: Peplum tops, pencil skirts, bullet bras, satin and velvet dresses, Peter Pan collared dresses, polka dot dresses, wiggle dresses, circle dresses, coal and boat neck dresses and sleeveless summer dresses that have a high and wide neckline is the way to go.

Ballroom dresses in silk taffeta will make you stand out and feel like a princess. Loose printed tops and collared blouses can be matched with tight fitting skirts. Bollero jackets are still in vogue and can be paired with full-length skirts or swing dresses.

Crew neck cardigans are an easy match with Capri pants for that easy casual look while nylon stockings go well with fitting and circle dresses.

Maternity wear: When that bulge starts showing you can keep stylish in fashionable dresses, maternity pants with elastic vertical expansion around the abdomen, tops and skirts that have stretch panels. A good outfit will greatly improve your confidence during this crucial time.

Men’s wear: In the 21st century, men’s fashion is as evolving as women’s fashion. This means no more wearing of boring suits that are over sized and broad shouldered.

Now, men can attain a fashionable vintage look by checking out various categories that have sharp-shouldered suits with lighter fabrics, fitting jackets with natural shoulders and full turn-up trousers that are colorful and elegant.

Swimsuits: The advantage of 1950’s clothing is the balance it creates on all levels including swimsuits. To achieve a modern and vintage look in swimwear consider a one or two-piece swimsuit, or even a bikini.

Accessories: To achieve a fashionable 1950’s clothing essence, it is important to make sure you accessorize your outfit with essential and matching items. Consider matching up your bag with a nice pair of 50’s design shoes, adding a hat where necessary.

For the 50’s look, you could consider doing a ponytail for long hair and curling in case of short hair. You can add the classical cat-eye glasses if you feel like exploring all 50’s designs.


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