Montecristo Cigars Offer Premium Options Comparable to Cuban Options

For those that want the crème de la crème of cigars but cannot purchase Cuban options due to the ban in the United States, you have another premium option with the Montecristo and they are considered a luxury brand for those in the US and other areas in the world. Although they were first manufactured in Cuba, they are now made in the Dominican Republic and are handcrafted with special wrappings made from Connecticut wrappers and Dominican fillers and binders.

Problems With Cubans

During the late 50s and early 60s, Fidel Castro was a problem for the United States and caused President Kennedy to establish the Cuban Trade Embargo. Castro threatened to launch missiles into the US, which caused the US to block Cuba and prevent ships from delivering his materials to complete the missile bases. The US is now under an Embargo that doesn’t allow Cuban goods to be shipped or used in the US, meaning that US citizens cannot use or purchase Cuban cigars legally. A more restrictive rule was put into place in 2004 that makes it illegal for any US citizen to use or purchase Cuban cigars, even while abroad in Cuba or any other foreign country.

Why Montecristo Cigars Are Comparable

Many people who have ever smoked a Cuban cigar feel strongly that it is the only option out there, but the Montecristo brand is also full-bodied, has a sweet aroma and offers a balanced tropical experience. They are also hand rolled using many of the same ingredients that Cubans offer and are constructed well, offering a quick-burning luxury cigar.

How to Enjoy

Though no one has the ability to tell you how and when to smoke cigars, you will likely find that both occasional smokers and daily enthusiasts can smoke these cigars and receive a well-rounded encounter. Though they are a full-flavored and full-size cigar, they are quick burning, allowing you to complete your smoke and savor it without taking up too much valuable time.

Available Options

There are two Montecristo options including the Monte and Espada. The Monte offers the Conde, Toro, Jacopo, Jacopo No. 2 and Regular options and come in singles, packs of five and boxes of 16. The Espada version offers Guard, Quillion and Ricasso and come in singles, packs of five and boxes of 10.

The price for a single Espada or Monte is about $11.00, though purchasing packs or boxes may lower the price slightly.

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