Most New Parents Need Storage for Baby Clothing

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Shopping

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Most new parents get lots of baby clothing at baby showers and then will buy even more. It is hard to resist infant clothing on sale, and of course, people will want to give you their infant clothing as their own children grow. It is hard to estimate how much clothing is accumulated in just the first year alone, because no one has taken such a survey. But there is no doubt it is substantial. Therefore, one of the first problems new parents experience is where to store all those clothes. Fortunately, there are creative ways organize baby clothes by taking a few well planned steps.

One of the first things to do is buy some storage space. Hampers and storage boxes can quickly help you organize the baby’s room. In fact, hampers can be used for more than dirty clothes. They make great units for storing:

* Bulky clothes that will not fit on closet shelves neatly
* Seasonal clothing that can be stored months at a time
* Extra diapers

The same is true for storage boxes. Even the smallest child has dozens of toys, and many of them are quite bulky. All those stuffed animals that friends and family gave mothers at baby showers have to be put away somewhere. They will take up too much room in the closet, so it is best to find a separate storage space where they can be tossed when cleaning up.

All Shapes and Sizes

Hampers and toy boxes come in a range of shapes and styles. Hampers made of tightly woven wicker are designed to be nursery décor pieces. They are often themed so that any type of nursery theme can be enhanced.

For example, hampers designed for a little boy’s room are made with themes like doll houses, dance, butterflies, and teddy bear. Hampers for infant and toddler boys have themes like airplanes, sports, train and racing car. There are also hampers that can work well in a nursery for either a boy or a girl. These themes include underwater, nautical or Noah’s Ark. Of course, there is nothing etched in stone. If your toddler daughter likes race cars, then the racing car hamper will make her happy!

Storage bins also come in a variety of shapes like drums and train engines. They make an attractive addition to any nursery or toddler’s room. There are pop-up storage boxes and stackable storage boxes also.

Playing Instead of Searching

Hampers and storage boxes can add a significant amount of storage space to a nursery. Of course, purchasing storage space should be accompanied by other organizing steps. For example, you will want to add drawers and shelves to the closet, organize drawers and make use of over the door hooks on doors. Once you have plenty of storage, there is assurance that you can find what you need and when you need it. Instead of searching for items, you can play with the baby.

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