Planning for Your Home Theater Installation in Iowa City, IA

A new home theater is an exciting thing, and to make sure all is perfect in the end, planning for its installation is crucial for success. Unless this is your area of expertise, allowing a professional installation company to put your new system in is the wiser choice, but you can make most of the other decisions yourself, right down to where you want the smallest of wires hidden away. So pull out your pen, paper, and measuring tape to get started!

First, determine what your workable space is. This is in turn going to help determine what will realistically be able to fit in the room and how it should be placed. Consider using a room without windows, such as one in the basement if possible. If you have no choice but to use a room with windows, be sure to have good quality blinds or perhaps some medium to heavy drapery that can be pulled closed while the room is in use. No sense in installing that big new flat screen TV only to have to duck and bob to see it past the glare of the sun. Take your paper and make a sketch of the room. Mark where any windows may be located.

Once your workable space is determined, locate all of the electrical outlets and keep track of precisely where they are. On your sketch of the room, specifically note where each outlet is. Your home theater system won’t be much good if you can’t make it go. Be sure that there are enough outlets to serve your system’s needs. Use surge protectors but make certain not to overload the room with them. While these sorts of power strips can be handy if you need multiple things plugged in together, they can also cause a multitude of problems if too many are used in a single room, up to and including burning your entire house down. That won’t be very entertaining.

Don’t forget about where, how, and what type of furniture you want placed in the room. You’ll likely want at least a couch and a table large enough to hold all of your popcorn, and probably storage units for your DVD’s and shelf space for all those other gadgets that you don’t actually know how to use, so mark them all down on your paper and you’ll be just about ready to go.

Take your crudely drawn plans to your home theater installation specialist. Explain how you’d like things done, arrange for the installation team to visit the home and make the actual plans for your design, and then stand back and stay out of the way while they do their thing. When complete, you’ll have an awesome place to stare at that giant new TV of yours while bragging to all of your friends how you did the entire thing all by yourself.

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