Reasons Using an Affordable Plumber is Best on Clogged Drains

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Electrical

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Many times a home may have drains that frequently become backed up, or empty very slowly. Sometimes using a plunger can remedy the situation. However, if the problem reoccurs again it may be time to contact an Affordable Plumber to have them come out and inspect the situation to try to determine what is actually causing the problem.

Drains can become backed up for a number of reasons. Often there is something stuck in the pipes and it is the source of the problem with the drain. In some situations, this may be food or other matter. Another problem many homeowners with older plumbing systems will frequently encounter is tree roots growing through the pipes and causing blockages. It can also be a collection of soap scum, oils, hair and other matter lining the interior of the pipes. This matter can cause water to drain slowly and at times this can backup, which cause issues at the drain.

When these types of situation occur, a homeowner will need the assistance of an experienced and Affordable Plumber to help in resolving the situation. A plumber will have both the tools and the knowledge to know the best way to clear the pipes so the drains begin to flow, as they should.

Often a plumber will need to use a heavy-duty auger or plumbing snake to remove clogs inside the drain. A homeowner may be able to achieve some success by using a smaller version of this device. However, to completely remove the clog or reach clogs deep in the pipe work of the home, a larger machine will be required. Most plumbing companies, like Advantage Service Company have these types of devices.

If tree roots are the issue, a plumber may need to use a rooter to cut up the root and make a pathway for water to move through. This device has a head at the end of a very long coil or cord. The head contains blades, which can cut up tree roots when it is rotating.

To clean the drains in the home, plumbing companies often use jet cleaners. This machine works by sending high-pressured water through the pipes. This can dislodge the various matter stuck to the walls. When the matter is removed, it will be carried along with the water until it exits the pipe. This can be very helpful in cleaning the pipes.

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