Residential Electrical Fit outs in Geelong and the Surf Coast – how to make your house look amazing.

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Electronics

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Summer’s coming and with that comes large amounts of tourism in Geelong and the Surf Coast, particularly Torquay. Everyone’s home is on display for the locals, interstate travels and also overseas tourists. With that – it is important to stand out.

Over the last 10 years Torquay has boomed and some of the houses that have gone up are phenominal and have risen in value considerably. With that, the population has grown, tourism has grown and the economy has grown. It’s harder and harder now to buy a house and make it look good in an area getting more expensive by the day.

There are numerous things that will make a house in an area like this stand out –
1. It’s own facade
2. It’s landscaping
And something often overlooked –
3. The electrical fitout, which can make it look amazing! Especially with Christmas approaching.

Luke Mitchell Electrical has just finished doing the electrical fitout of this award winning house in Anglesea which has put it on the map –

The sleek electrical fit out makes this designer home a dream to live in, and stand out from the crowd. So often overlooked, the electrical fitout can add tremendous interior and exterior value to a house, especially if it is in a growing urbanized area with an increasing population and in an expensive part of town.

Coming into Summer, if you are renovating or buying a new home think about the extra things that you can do to add value to your home – hire a premium Electrician!

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