Safety Tips When Using a Telescopic Material Handler

by | Jan 16, 2012 | Electronic Equipment

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A telescopic material handler, or telehandler as they often referred to, is a great tool for when you need to lift large loads and cargo high into the air. They are mobile, strong, and can potentially save you a great deal of time, effort, and money on your next project. It is also extremely important to observe all safety guidelines when operating one of these machines in order to minimize chances of damage to property or personal injury. Making use of a Telehandler Rental, Lancaster service can be very helpful, so let’s go over some of these safety guidelines.

Telescopic Material Handler

Telescopic Material Handler


First of all, when using a Telehandler Rental, Lancaster service, make sure to get a copy of the manufacturer’s instruction manual that pertains to the specific telehandler that you are renting. This manual contains the manufacturer’s recommendations, guidelines, and specifications you will need to refer to for safe overall operation of the equipment. Make sure to ask the Telehandler Rental, Lancaster service any additional questions you have as well.

Next, before you even try to start the machine, make the sure the parking brake is working correctly and is free from defect and that it is securely engaged and locked in place. Most telehandlers are also equipped with some sort of directional controls. You’ll want to make certain that said directional controls are set in a neutral position so no undesired movement could occur during use. Telehandlers are used to maneuver and manipulate very large loads at potentially high altitudes, so making sure the machine will remain completely stationary until movement is desired is very important. Once those checks are performed, proceed to evaluate the operating conditions the various controls and devices to ensure that everything is in safe and operable order.

Then, it is also very important to keep the safety of others in the forefront of your mind while operating the telehandler. As an operator, you should only operate the telehandler from the specified and designated operator’s station. Furthermore, never allow anyone to ever ride, sit, stand, or otherwise engage with the forks or any other part of the machine at any time during operation, except for the operator in the designated operating area. It is also very important to be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Make certain that no one is ever allowed to stand or pass through the area below the elevated parts of the machinery. Never overload the machine and be especially careful with large or irregular loads.

A Telehandler Rental, Lancaster service could save you time and money. Be sure to follow the appropriate safety guidelines to make your Telehandler Rental, Lancaster experience a good one.

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