The benefits of passive exercise

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Although body vibration machines have been around for a long time, these contraptions really just focused on a person’s buttocks and thighs. In the early days of space exploration it was found that muscle atrophy was being suffered by the astronauts who went long periods of time in a weightless condition. It was around this time when a body vibration machine became part of the astronaut’s fitness regime, they were subjected to this form of exercise before and during long space flights. The results proved to be extremely beneficial and it was whole body vibration that opened the door to ever longer periods in space with few complications.
There are a number of different exercises that people engage in, most are active such as running, using free weights, aerobics etc. When people undertake an exercise that does not require a great deal of effort, this is called passive exercise, this is what one gets when he or she uses a body vibration machine. There is a large segment of modern society that knows the benefits of exercise but is of the belief that it is not necessary to undertake strenuous exercise to be fit, there are also those who simply do not have the time to spend hours in the gym.

Passive exercising must be done with the aid of a machine of some sort; there are two routines that fit into this category. The first two use a routine called whole body vibration. A whole body vibration machine is a platform that an individual stands on, while standing stationary, the entire machine shakes. The theory behind this is that the machine makes people think they are about to fall and in an effort to prevent the fall, the body contracts and tightens up while the platform vibrates.

The second approach to whole body vibration is when a Chi machine is used. Conceptually the Chi machine and a platform machine do the same thing, tricking the body. The Chi machine works while the individual is prone; straps are fixed to the ankles which cause the entire body to shake once the machine is activated.

There are also muscle stimulator that fall into the passive exercise group. This device is a belt which is affixed around the abdomen; small shocks are sent into the belt causing the abdominal muscles to contract.

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