The Bold Importance of Electronic Cigarette Atomizers

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Shopping

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In order to work, the e-cigarette uses an electronic cigarette atomizers to produce vapor. The atomizer has a vital function: it heats the e-juice and turns it into vapor. After you can inhale it, taste it, and enjoy the experience completely. Without the atomizer, you would have a battery some liquid, and no vapor. Atomizers come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. You may be building a model or assembling a pre-designed model. Either way, the atomizer is the key component of an electronic cigarette.

Cartomizers: The Disposable Electronic Cigarette Atomizers

One option is to use cartomizers rather than an atomizer. Cartomizers are cartridges, which can be filled with the e-juice of your choice, and attached to the appropriate model of electronic cigarette. You will want to buy in bulk because they do not last forever. Cartomizers can be used once or twice then they have to be discarded. You can think of them as disposable atomizers. Also, you do not have the option of using drip tips with cartomizers and only one flavor can be added for single use. For some people, this is the perfect option.

Electronic Cigarette Atomizers Today

Once upon a time, quality atomizers for electronic cigarette were small devices with relatively short lives and low volume capacity. Now, we have atomizers capable of holding milliliters of e-juice! This means you get to vape as long as the battery and the juice is in the tank. Though many models were once tried, they were not as effective as what we have today. There are atomizers capable of holding up to 3ml of e-juice. This will last you awhile and won’t leave you with a burnt taste.

Certain atomizers may only work with particular models of electronic cigarettes. This depends on adaptors and other modifications. You may find you prefer the vapor from one atomizer to another. Ultimately, the atomizer is the component that makes the vapor. It is vital to have the right match for the right model.

It is important to maintain your atomizers with replacement coils on a regular basis. Otherwise, the atomizer can burn out. Replacing the coils will also help maintain consistent flavor and the best possible vapor. Atomizers can be cleaned, but this will only help for a time. Eventually, the coils must be replaced to maintain efficiency.

Building Your Own Model with Electronic Cigarette Atomizers

Many people like to design their own electronic cigarette models, referred to as “mods.” Selecting the appropriate atomizer is crucial. Be certain the voltage and current capacity matches the battery you use. Mount Baker Vapor has an excellent selection of atomizers to suit your mods while providing you with a perfect vaping experience.

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