The Evolution Of The Vapor Electronic Cigarette

There is a range of different electronic cigarettes on the market today from the user-friendly and cheap disposable cigs, to the more elaborate and fully customizable mech mods.

In reality, the development of the different types of vapor electronic cigarettes is really a very short evolution. These products hit the market just over a decade ago, and they are already considered to be mainstream, thanks largely to the great experience they offer.

The Disposable or Mini E-cig

For most people, the disposable type of pre-loaded mini e-cig is what they consider when they hear the term electronic cigarette. These are commonly sold in tobacco shops, gas stations and convenience stores. They tend to be designed to look like a real cigarette.

There are both disposable and rechargeable options with these e-cigs and they are compact, small and discreet. The cartridges are sold with the mini, and there are a limited number of flavors available. There is no adjustment for vaping, and you cannot interchange components with most of these e-cigs.

Vape Pens

The next step up in vapor electronic cigarettes is the vape pen, which is a larger e-cig that offers more potential for users to customize their vaping experience.

Most of these have what is known as a 510 connection, which means you can change out the components with most other 510 connection accessories. These electronic cigarettes feature larger, rechargeable batteries, produce better vapor and give the individual more control when enjoying a vape.


The APV, or advanced personal vaporizers, are also called mods, and they provide a wide range of different styles, features and options. They can be more like the vape pen in shape and size, or they can be more like a small box, hence the name a box mod.

With the APV you will have an LED readout on the system that provides you with control over vaping. You will also have different batteries that can be adjusted to provide more or less power for different types of vaping.

These options produce a lot of vapor and flavor, but they have the safety overrides and advanced shutdown functions to make them easy to use.

Mechanical mods are the most advanced of all the vapor electronic cigarettes. They have all the feature of the APVs, but they allow for full customization. Users will need to manually push a button to create the circuit that heats the atomizer, allowing full control over the entire performance of the e-cig.

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