Wedding Traditions – Throwing The Bridal Garter

When it comes to weddings, there are many traditions that people follow, and it seems as though everyone has an opinion as to which tradition is the most fun to see at weddings. While some people may choose to ignore the traditions and do their own thing at their wedding, most people continue to follow these basic wedding traditions on their special day.

* The Bride and Groom Cutting the Cake – this is one tradition that seems as though it will stick around for a long time. The bride and groom cut the cake together and then feed each other the first bite of cake. Wedding guests gather around the happy couple to see if they will feed each over nice and neatly or if they will smash the cake into each other’s faces.

* Throwing the Bouquet – all of the single women at the wedding gather around when the bride throw out her wedding bouquet. The wedding rumor is that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next one to get marries

* Throwing The Bridal Garter – Wedding tradition has the groom placing his new bride on a chair in the center of the reception room and reaching up under her dress to retrieve the bridal garter that she is wearing on her thigh or just above her knee. Many hoots and hollers can typically be heard as the groom pulls the garter out to reveal it to everyone. Brides may choose a bridal garter that is blue to satisfy the ‘something blue’ requirement when getting married, or she may choose one that is special for her and her new husband. No matter what the garter is that the bride chose after the groom collects it he will then toss it over his head it into a crowd of bachelor’s behind him and the man who catches it is said to be the next one to tie the knot.

* The First Dance – the first dance that the bride and groom have as a married couple is a special one. They will often choose a song that has some significance to them. Another favorite dance is when the father of the bride dances with his daughter for the first time after she is married.

Wedding traditions are important to many people. When you are getting married, you can decide which traditions you chose to do and which ones you do not want to do. You can even think of your own unique thing to do as a way of starting your very own traditions.

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