If You Are An Audiophile, Then You Want the Best High End Speakers Available.

Music is important to you, whether you are at home or at the office.  The perfect music selection played on a less than quality sound system can ruin the moment, make you take a deep breath and turn the stereo equipment off.  What you need is a sound system with the best high end speakers that deliver true to the moment the music was first recorded.  You father believed you had to go big to get big sound.  He had box speakers that went from the floor to the ceiling, they were bigger than any piece of furniture in your house, growing up.  But big speakers, with big sound do not always mean excellent sound, or even good sound.  It was simply loud and large.  Your taste in the quality of music you listen to, is more elevated. You want to hear pure sound that is not distorted or muffled.  You want to be able to close your eyes and be there.

With the speaker system created by Anthony Gallo, what you will hear is the music, not the speakers.  Small, round orbs will send the music to your ears directly.  Sleek in design, a piece of artwork for your living or working space, they will add to your decor, not distract.  Designed for a room 16′ x 18′ or smaller, they deliver quality you never dreamed of.  If you already have a sound system wired into your home and you are not sure what you want or have questions, the helpful and knowledgeable staff at RoundSound.com can assist.  They will help you select the perfect set-up to meet your listening needs.

When you take your music listening seriously, you want the best high end speakers to deliver.  Anthony Gallo Acoustics has produced the most innovative speakers ever designed, these are the speakers you want to deliver transparent sound.  You do not need speakers large enough to harm an elephant if they fell over, you need technology in a futuristic sphere to fill the silence.  In life size matters, when you are listening to the music that defines you, quality matters more, Anthony Gallo‘s speakers do exactly that.

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