How to Make Theme Baby Gift Baskets

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Baby gift baskets are one of the best baby shower gifts you can give a new mom. They allow you to purchase a variety of items instead of settling on just one – a big plus with the multitude of fantastic baby gift items available online today – and they are always the star of any baby shower. You can create your own baby gift baskets with ease.

Choosing a Theme

The best baby gift baskets have a theme. This makes them stand out from the crowd and it also makes it easier on you when you shop for baby gifts to put in the basket and assemble the basket.

There are many themes to choose from. You are only limited by your creativity. A great advantage is that most themes will work for both boys and girls. This is helpful as a great deal of new parents are now waiting until the birth of the child to see if they are having a boy or a girl.

Here are just a few examples of winning baby basket themes:

Bath Time for Baby
Sleepy Time
On the Go
Play Time
Baby Essentials
Keepsakes and Memories
Mom Time

Do not limit yourself to these themes. You know the parent-to-be and can come up with just the right theme for the newborn.

Choosing the Baby Gifts

Once you have decided on a theme for the baby gift basket you can begin to browse for the perfect basket and baby gifts. Wicker baskets make excellent
containers for baby gift items because they can be reused for laundry baskets or storage in the nursery. Beautiful wicker baskets are available in several sizes depending on how many gifts you want to include in your gift basket.

After choosing your basket you can shop for baby gift items to fill the basket. You should shop for items that complete your theme. For example, if you choose the On the go theme you might want to include one of the latest diaper bags for mom and dad that are equipped with multiple pockets inside and out for travel size baby essentials.

Fill the diaper bag with diapers and fill the pockets with travel size baby soaps, baby lotions, and other baby items. When purchasing these items also look for other baby gifts any traveling bay will need to include in your gift basket.

Arrange the Baby Gift Basket

Once you have purchased all of your items you can arrange your baby gift basket. First, fill the bottom with tissue paper, a plush hooded baby towel, or other filler. Next, arrange all of the baby gifts.

The largest items should sit in the middle of the basket surrounded by the small items. You can wrap the basket in a sheer pastel fabric or cellophane or leave the basket unwrapped. Be sure to add pretty ribbons and a big bow!

Your baby gift basket filled with wonderful baby gifts will be the hit of the baby shower.

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