3 Tips for Saving Money on Party Supplies in The Woodlands, TX

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Shopping

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Whether you are having a birthday party, company party, baby or bridal shower, or a party for another occasion, party supplies costs can add up!  Here are some tips to help you save money and save time, too.

Stock Up and Save

After a major holiday, there are almost always sales on where you can save a lot of money. After Christmas, you’ll find an endless array of bargains on red and green decorations as well as wrapping paper, cards, and so forth.  Throughout the year you’ll find other party supplies in The Woodlands, TX area on sale, too. Consider stocking up. Some theme specific decorations and supplies can be used for other occasions, too. A bit of creativity could save you a lot of money.


After you have a birthday party you might not be able to save the balloons but you could potentially save the Happy Birthday banner and reuse it. The same might hold true for some of your other supplies. Of course you’ll want to be discerning about this but a bit of recycling of party supplies could add up to big savings — particularly if you hold parties or other events on a regular basis.

Borrow or Rent Some Supplies for Your Party

It could be advantageous to rent some supplies rather than buying them. Local companies that rent party supplies in The Woodlands, TX could help you with chairs, tables, linens, and other party supplies. Your local supermarket may rent large coffee urns.  Family members, friends, or party attendees could also contribute something to the supplies and depending on the event, local companies may even be willing to contribute.

Bonus Tip:

Check out The Woodlands Party Book for great information about party supplies in The Woodlands, TX as well as party venues to have your next event. The latest issue could help you discover a variety of suppliers that you aren’t already aware of that could help you save money and /or make your event even more special.


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