Available AGM Batteries in Vernon with Polar Battery

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Wholesale Battery

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If you’re getting a vehicle that operates with tons of accessories providing you creature comforts, you’d want to have the battery that’s made for it.

We’re talking here about the battery that can operate features like the car’s start-stop capability, vehicle wifi connectivity, use of GPS, playing the DVD including heated steering and heated seats and a high performing audio system.

Regular flooded batteries are not designed to bear all that load.

This special kind of battery is designated Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM. It’s an advanced lead-acid battery technology that surpasses the conventional acid battery by its use of absorbent glass barriers that contains the battery’s acid while preventing it from freely flowing with the rest of the battery components.

We at Polar Battery offer these AGM batteries in Vernon.

This battery’s construction also limits the continuous shedding of the plate material by internal compression from their tightly compressed plates allowing them to have a significantly longer battery life performance.

Part of this design to relieve the system of this continuous pressure is a vent that opens when it needs to and closes automatically when it’s done venting.

The net effect is a battery that is able to double its battery life, able to withstand extreme temperature changes, bear harsh environmental conditions while able to consistently produce high electrical loads.

The AGM batteries in Vernon are available for sale with Polar Battery.

Just give us a call at 1-250-542-4275 if you’re wondering how the AGM battery can fit your needs.

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