Garcia y Vega Cigars: Old and New

Garcia y Vega cigars have been made since 1882. If you are in the market for a cigar that blends old world style and knowledge with modern manufacturing technology, this is a brand to consider. It is widely available throughout the United States and internationally. Technically this is not a cigar by traditional standards, but rather a sub-type called a blunt. The blunt is slightly larger than a cigarillo, but not quite as large as a corona. Read a little about the history of this product, then find out which of the varieties available is right for you.

History of Garcia y Vega Cigars

Garcia y Vega cigars are made by Swedish Match. The company is based in Sweden and makes a variety of smokeless tobacco products, including snus, snuff, and chewing tobacco. Swedish Match also owns several other brands – including White Owl cigars, Red Man tobacco, and Longhorn snuff – and is one of the largest tobacco parent companies in the world.

Varieties of Garcia y Vega Cigars Available

Garcia y Vega cigars appeal to the more traditionally-minded smoker, so there are no added flavors. Garcia y Vega cigars are mild. They are described as being rich, mellow, pleasant, and even-burning. These cigars use aged tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Mexico, and the state of Connecticut for the filler. Wrappers are made from tobacco grown in Candela and Indonesia.

They can be found in three sizes:

  • Cigarillos: About 3 inches in length and containing 3 grams of tobacco, these can be smoked in about 7 minutes.
  • Corona: Between 4 and 6 inches in length, these are the standard cigar and can take up to an hour to smoke.
  • Panatela: Usually 6 inches long, these cigars are quite similar to other styles but are thicker than a corona.

Garcia y Vega Cigar Storage

Like most quality cigars, Garcia y Vega varieties are best kept in a humidor. It is important to maintain the internal moisture level, as a dry cigar will not smoke well, if at all. Some may come individually in a metal sleeve. This is sufficient short-term storage if you will be smoking the cigar within a few weeks of purchase. The sleeve should be properly humidified and sealed, but will not last indefinitely. When you purchase cigars in a larger case, proper storage is essential.

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