How Cloud Based POS Systems Maximize Business Performance

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Shopping

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The point of sale system (POS) has been around for several years now and revolutionized the retail industry. The evolution of POS systems has taken this revolutionary system to the cloud. When cloud based POS systems are chosen, your store’s performance is maximized.

This type of cloud-based service can be used by the smallest of boutiques to the largest of corporations. The following will take you through the ways cloud point of sale system solutions maximize your business’ performance.

The performance of your business when using a POS cloud system is maximized through the utilization of the features it provides. Here are the features of cloud-based POS services.

Payment Transaction Processing

Cloud-based payment processing is secure and complies with the payment card industry (PCI) standards and makes issuing and redeeming gift cards, vouchers, store credits, voids, exchanges, returns, and discounts on single items or the complete sale.

Customer Relations and Service

Customer relations are vital to the overall running of any retail business. If customers are not happy, you will lose them no matter how big or small your business. Using a cloud point of sale system provides you with a way to view customer data in order to make up sells and cross sales. It is also efficient with placing orders, reserving items, creating gift registries, and managing all kinds of after sales services like apparel alterations or repairs.

Back Office Solutions

The operations of your back office are crucial to maintaining your business. Cloud-based systems apply features that help you view and maintain inventory in real-time format. You can also easily access and review sales reports and place inventory replacement orders.

Employee Management Solutions

Employee work schedules, payroll exportation, and commissions management are part of ensuring everyone gets their proper pay and discounts. This is a fully customizable system that makes employee management easier and more efficient.


Most cloud-based point-of-sale systems allow you to use a mobile terminal like an iPod or PDA to process transactions, look up customer purchase histories, and get updates and real-time sales right to the device without having to be at the cash register.

These are the features that make cloud based POS systems efficient and effective for today’s modern retail stores. Instead of having all the software and data on your system’s hard drive, it’s all in the cloud saving space and allows you to provide faster services for your customers.

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