The Importance of Back Up Generators in Winnetka

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Electrical

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How well could you and your home deal with an emergency like a power outage? Whether caused by a severe thunderstorm or a technical problem of the grid, your home could lose power at any point in time. Most power outages are short-lived, but some can last days on end. What would you do in that situation? Encouraging your friends and family to visit a back up generator service in Winnetka would be the first step, followed by purchasing some emergency items to keep on hand in case of an emergency.

Why a Generator?

If you lose power for a couple of hours, it may be just a period of inconvenience or maybe a time for the family to gather and play a game by candlelight. If you lose power for days, the negative consequences could start piling up. If you lose power, you lose heat. If this happens during the winter months, your family’s health is at risk. Loss of electricity also means that your refrigerator will begin to lose its cool. Your perishables will quickly spoil, costing you money. If you have a generator, your house will not lose a moment of power. Your heat, your refrigerator, and your safety will remain intact.

Prepare Your Home

Being prepared for an emergency doesn’t mean that you have to dig a bunker in the backyard, keeping it stocked with three months’ worth of provisions, but there are some items you should keep on hand just in case. First, you should have easy access to flashlights. Make sure that they have working batteries. You should keep a supply of bottled water and non-perishable foods on hand as well. A battery-powered emergency radio could come in handy as well. Of course, if you have back up generators, you can keep your computer and televisions running, staying up to date on the latest information.

You can find out more about back up generators in Winnetka online. Contact Penco Electric, Inc. directly for more details.

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