The Ultimate Expression in Comfort – Women’s Knit Pants

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Shopping

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Women love knit pants. They are loose and comfortable, and they wear them a lot. BonWorth caters to our needs, and they know we love our knits.

Super Knits at a Super Price

Most women likely rank knit pants as their favorite go-to piece of clothing for comfort. BonWorth not only has knit pants that feel good, but they look good too. Women’s knit pants come in a variety of colors and sizes. They pull on easily for a nice comfortable fit. The best part is the price. Women’s knit pants are now between $15.00-22.00 each.

Size Matters

Many women get discouraged when shopping for themselves. Especially true when we are shopping online. Plus size girls, in particular, have a rough experience. However, BonWorth has not forgotten about them. You can find your favorite colors here in women’s fleece pants. The same quality goes into making plus-size apparel, so there is no difference in your shopping experience. Petite and Misses sizes are offered as well, in lots of styles and varieties.

Textile Choices

There are several fabrics to choose from in women’s knit pants. BonWorth knitpants are made from quality materials including fleece, jersey, and velour. The materials are all excellent, and what you select depends on preference and taste. There are many things to consider when deciding on fabrics. Some will be warmer than others. Some will hold color better than others. Some will hold shape better than others. Some will be easier to wash than others. Be mindful of what you are purchasing, especially online. Once you make your decision, it is imperative to adhere to washing instructions so that your garments will stay beautiful for a very long time. Even women’s knit pants need to be well cared for because like other clothing, they can wear out quickly. Even high quality cannot last if not cared for properly.

Not Just Gray Today

Historically, knit pants were only worn by men and only in gray. Strictly for workout purposes, style was not a factor. This is not the case in the current world. Women are the fashion world and have turned knit pants into something fashion forward, just like everything else they touch.

Now it is acceptable to wear knit pants out and about, especially if you have a matching jacket. Color makes everything better, as well. Knits come in pastel and bright jewel tones. Knits are vibrant today and BonWorth carries them.

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