Tips On How To Sell Diamonds In Chicago

Whether you have a lot of jewelry and want to get rid of some or just need some extra cash, you should learn how to sell diamonds in Chicago like a pro. It is one of the best times to sell a diamond right now, but it can still be difficult to do, especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Most people want to get the best price for their stones but if you’ve never done it before, it could be stressful. However, there are some tips to help you in your diamond selling venture.

Know What You Have

Just because you were told by the giver that it was a rare or expensive diamond, don’t be fooled. Even if you have something that looks similar to someone else’s, yours may be different. In some cases, what was thought of as a diamond is a knock-off. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to go in blindly. You’ll be embarrassed and so will the buyer. Visiting a qualified appraiser first will help you determine the value of your diamond.

It may be better to go to one that refrains from selling and buying them because they’ll give a more unbiased opinion. Many times, you can get it evaluated by a professional for free, if you don’t have the funds to get it appraised.

Be Realistic

If you truly want the diamond to go, you should be realistic about the price. Even if it appraises for thousands of dollars, you probably won’t get that amount. The appraiser can give you an estimated worth of the piece and may be the best choice because they understand the market trends. Otherwise, you can do it yourself. Find similar items online, such as through eBay and jewelry stores to get an idea of what you have. Just remember that if you try to sell at retail value, you’ll likely fail. People would buy a new diamond if they could.


You have two primary options when selling jewelry: public selling and selling to the industry. It may not be about getting the best price but instead may focus on how quickly you can get the money. Jewelers and pawnbrokers can take those pieces off your hands quickly, but you may not get the best price. Selling to the public can get you a better price, sometimes, but may take twice or three times as long.

To sell diamonds in Chicago, you need to learn the best ways to do so. Visit Chicago Gold Gallery today to find out more.

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