Types of Transfer Paper for T Shirts

by | May 12, 2014 | Shopping

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One of the best processes for creating graphic t shirts is heat transfer because it is both highly effective and inexpensive compared to bulk ordering screen printed shirts. Among the essential parts of a successful heat transfer design is transfer paper, which is what the design is printed on to before it is heated onto the shirt. Using the wrong kind of transfer paper for your Custom Iron On Transfers can create a lack luster finished product and in some cases can ruin the shirt altogether. Here are a few of the different types of transfer paper and the best uses for them.

Ink Jet Transfer Paper

One of the most commonly used types of transfer paper is ink jet, which has to be used on a certain kind of machine to work effectively. If you have a laser printer, you need to avoid using ink jet paper because it could actually do harm to your printer. In most cases, a machine that can produce ink jet heat transfers have a much better finished product that transfers made on a laser printer. The ink jet transfers create a much more vibrant finished product than other types of printed transfers.

Laser Transfer Paper

Laser transfer paper is another commonly used type of paper in the production of heat transfers for graphic t shirts. This type of paper can only be used on certain models of laser printers and copiers, which means that you need to make sure you get the right paper for your particular printer for it to work. The type of paper used on a laser printer is mostly determined by the internal temperature of the printer when it is in operation. Also, some laser printers use a toner for the oil supply, while others use fusing oil, which makes a big difference in the type of paper that has to be used on it.

Pastisol Transfer Paper

Although the ink jet and laser transfers work well for hobbyists, if you are looking to get serious about heat transfers, your best bet is using screen printed heat transfers. These are applied with a heat press and have the same quality as getting a shirt screen printed.

Screen printing is done on plastisol heat transfer paper. This gives you the best results and a finished product that you can be proud of. Although you need a proper heat press to use these transfers properly, it is a must if you are looking to from hobby, to start shirt business.

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