What does an Electrician Do?

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Electrician

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If you are familiar with the term “electrician” you likely understand that the person who performs the jobs included in the profession work with electricity. Electricians are the people who bring that electricity into homes, businesses, and many other areas. They can wire, work with fuses, and manage a myriad of electrical components within a facility.

Electricians generally work with a set of blueprints when they are starting a new job. The blueprints are technical drawings and diagrams that show where the outlets, load centers, and other electrical components should be located. The electricians will have to follow safety and local building codes in order to keep the buildings running smoothly.

Daily life for an electrician might include connecting wires and circuit breakers as well as outlets and other components. They have tools like ohmmeters, ammeters, oscilloscopes and other pieces of equipment to test the electricity. Their work is made up of assessing electrical equipment and systems so they can replace wires, circuit breakers, fuses, connections and other items. This work is often done under a variety of different conditions, but at all times, the electrician must adhere to safety rules and a number of guidelines.

Electricians are generally people who have good attention to detail and great working habits. They also need to have good judgment and the ability to read blueprints, test, connect, and install electrical items. They always have to be familiar with electrical codes and regulations, even when they are frequent changes. They also need to have a general understanding of most electrical systems as well as the manual dexterity that the job requires.

Residential electricians work in homes to provide a variety of services. They might rewire a home, install lights, or make sure other electrical items will work well within the home. They can do both installation and construction work. Electricians that work in factories will do work that is usually considered to be more complex. They will repair motors, work with generators, and even install electronic controllers.

An electrician has to go through the right training schools and periods in order to have the correct skills. It is also a good idea for an up and coming electrician to work under someone with a lot of experience in some type of apprenticeship. Learning from school techniques and books can be very helpful, but learning in person is really what teaches an electrician how to do the job safely and correctly.

There are a number of different tech schools that teach electricians how to do their jobs. Someone who is interested might just attend a two-year trade school in order to learn the techniques needed. Full degrees are not generally required to become a good electrician.

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