Your Go-To Choice for Air-Conditioning

Barbecues, fireworks, shorts and tank tops — all great things, and all of them are a must in the summertime in North Carolina. But along with those fine things comes a little something that isn’t always pleasant, and that something is sweltering heat. The heat follows you wherever you go — inside, outside, to work, even to bed, keeping you tossing, turning, and flipping your pillow all night. There has to be something to hold those summertime temperatures at bay. Luckily for you, Healthy Home Heating & Air is your go-to choice for air conditioning repair and installation in the Charlotte area.

The Service You’re Looking for, and the Brands You Trust

Healthy Home Heating & Air prides itself on its timely and reliable customer service — whether it’s repairing your current system (we fix ‘em all), maximizing your system’s performance through an in-depth tune-up (we tune ‘em all, too), or installing a brand new state-of-the art Carrier air conditioning system, Healthy Home Heating & Air is your smart and affordable choice. Our professional technicians are factory authorized and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs.

Saving You Money with Energy Efficiency

Everyone wants to save money, but the sad fact is, some air conditioners gobble power like it’s going out of style, and the worst part? To combat the heat at the hottest times during the day, your air conditioner will be running the hardest during peak power consumption hours, stressing the power grid and raising costs across the board. Healthy Home Heating & Air’s tune-up services and our reliable and energy efficient Carrier air conditioners can help cool your home while simultaneously keeping your energy costs down, freeing up some of your hard-earned money so you can have more fun this summer.

Matching the Right A/C System to Your Home

Air conditioning systems do not follow the old adage of one-size-fits-all. Some houses are larger or smaller than others. Some rooms need more air circulation than others. You can trust Healthy Home Heating & Air’s technicians to find the right air conditioner for you and your home, eliminating the wastefulness that comes along with over or underpowered systems.


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