Take Control Of The Action With Action Figures

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Shopping

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Few stories have ever grabbed and held attention around the world the way that Star Wars has. From the release of the first movie, people realized that they were seeing something truly special. It then went on to become a trilogy, and ultimately the creators added both a prequel trilogy and a number of additional adventures in cartoon shows, books, and graphic novels. If you want your kids, or even yourself, to have a chance to take this story and turn it into something wholly your own, though, shopping for Star Wars Action Figures is a great place to start.

Much of the power of this franchise comes from its amazing characters. It has the Jedi Knights who stand up as defenders of all peace and justice in the galaxy, the skilled and dedicated clone troopers who fight for the Republic and the Empire, the Sith who seek to take power, and an array of bounty hunters and other freelancers who are just trying to survive in a tough galaxy. The main plot is about love, corruption, faith, and redemption. Surrounding it, though, are a thousand other stories about the power of friendship and the need to keep fighting for what is right even when it seems like everything is spinning out of control.

Star Wars Action Figures offer a wonderful way to play out scenes from the established canon or to create your own stories. You can sit down with your kids and each take control of a character you particularly love while making up how they are going to interact. You can even encourage your children to create an entire plot line of their own that they can play out for you like a puppet show. It’s not just a lot of fun, it also challenges kids to think about what is important to them and how good stories work.

Don’t underestimate the power of Star Wars Action Figures to encourage imaginative play. If you want your kids to experience an imaginative world beyond what is handed to them by movies and video games, this is a great way to encourage that kind of play. Since it is a franchise that is beloved by several generations, it is also a great way to play with them using a story world that everyone can appreciate.

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