Can Cheap Little Cigars Ever Be As Good As Expensive Big Ones?

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Tobacco

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While it is possible to understand why many people consider cigarette smoking as an addictive habit; on account of the smoker’s dependence on the nicotine inhaled with cigarette smoke; cigar smokers possibly do not deserve the same disparagement. A cigar should not really be smoked simply to obtain a nicotine high. Cigars are meant to be indulged for the taste and aroma of their smoke. Even non-smokers have been heard to say that they like the smell of a burning cigar. Maybe another way of looking at it is to say that cigarettes can become a necessity whereas cigars are a luxury?

Do You Have The Time For Indulgence?

Suppose you are a smoker but you simply do not enjoy smoking cigarettes so you stick to cigars; further suppose that you like to have a smoke during your work breaks. But, these days, you cannot light up anything at your actual place of work; when you wish to smoke, you have to either leave the premises or go to some sort of designated smoking area – either way, some of your permitted break time will be used up in simply getting to the place where you can light up and smoke. Additionally, these designated places are rarely designed with comfort in mind. If they are indoors, they usually heavily draw your notice to the second hand smoke question and, if they are out of doors, they are likely to be cold in winter and wet whenever it rains.

All of which means that you do not want to linger there overlong. You know that your all time favorite cigar takes around 20 minutes to smoke and no one appreciates a cigar that has been put out and then relit. Even if you are prepared to throwaway around three quarters of your expensive big cigar several times every workday; wouldn’t it make sounder sense to at least try one of those Cheap Little Cigars that you can get online form the internet?

But What About The Taste?

Taste is a personal thing and what appeals to many may not appeal to you; but, ask yourself this – “when you first found what is now your favorite big cigar; was it the first one you came across in the shop? Or did you experiment with many before making your mind up”? Logically, the same should apply if you are thinking of buying some Cheap Little Cigars. Furthermore, most little cigars are made from the same tobaccos as their bigger brothers; their price is only cheaper because their size is smaller (and you can enjoy a whole one in a short smoke break).

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