Different Types Of Vapor E-cigs In Philadelphia

by | May 6, 2015 | Tobacco

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Since their first introduction to the market in 2007, the use of vapor e-cigs in Philadelphia has increased dramatically. In fact, it is estimated approximately there are about 2.5 million vapers in the United States today, and this number just keeps growing.

With the growth in the industry, which includes sales of e-cigs totaling about $20 million in 2008 and up to $1 billion in 2013, the selection of vapor e-cigs in Philadelphia has increased. Vapers now have a range of different packages, kits, and mods available to enjoy just the vaping experience they want.

Cartridge Systems
The most common type of vapor e-cigs in Philadelphia, and originally the only option available, was the cartridge style e-cigarette. This system includes a battery section, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece which is also the cartridge. The liquid moves through the cartridge to the atomizer where it is vaporized and then inhaled as vapor.

There are definite limits to these types of vapor e-cigs in Philadelphia. They typically have a short battery life and, since nothing can be changed, they may not be suitable for all types of e-products, especially waxes or dry vaping options.

Mods are vapor e-cigs in Philadelphia which are custom designed by the user. This means you actually choose your own components to allow you to fully customize the look and the functioning of the e-cig.

For example, you can choose a drip tip instead of a traditional tank, or you may want to have various battery settings which deliver higher voltage, giving a more intense vaping experience since higher temperatures are used during the conversion of the liquid to a vapor.

Other mods include custom components which add to both the functioning and the style of vapor e-cigs in Philadelphia. These options can turn a basic e-cigarette into a work of art and while also creating a unique and fully customized vaping experienced based on personal preference.

In addition to these two options, other types of products are on the market as well. Vaping pens, specialized wax or dry vaping components, and even entirely interchange models and kits are available to enhance your vaping experience.

Both options in vapor e-cigs in Philadelphia are good options depending on what you want out of vaping. For discreet, public use a cartridge style is often preferred, while for serious vapors with definite tastes mods are the way to go.

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