Common Problems Fixed By a Home Electrician Council Bluffs

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Electronics

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Having an electrical problem in your home can be a stressful and downright scary occurrence for any homeowner. In cases like this, you need to have a trusted home electrician on speed dial so you can get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Here are a few common problems that can be fixed by an experienced Electrician Council Bluffs.

Intermittent Power

If you notice that you have an electrical socket that is not working all of the time, then it is time to call in a trusted electrician. In most cases, your Electrician Council Bluffs will be able to diagnose and fix this problem in a relatively short amount of time. Usually, the cause of intermittent power is loose wiring and generally it only needs to be tightened in order to rectify the problem. You should never try to attempt to fix this problem on your own due to the high level of danger associated with faulty wiring.

Power Surge

One of the most potentially damaging electric problems is a power surge. This sudden and unexpected surge of electricity has been known to cause raging house fires that have leveled structures. In most cases, the purchase of a surge protector is the first thing you should do because it will save you money on replacing electronics. Generally, the circuit that is surging will need to be completely rewired in order to fix the problem permanently. This rewiring should only be done by a certified electrician due to the high level of danger and difficulty. If you attempt this on your own, you run a very high risk of electrocuting yourself and possibly starting and electrical fire. Generally, homeowner insurance policies do not pay out if you were doing your own electrical work when the fire started.

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