Davidoff Cigars: The Luxury Line of Cigars

One of the finest cigars is that of the Davidoff cigars. This high quality, luxury brand of cigar was initially created in Cuba in 1946. The secret is the brand’s commitment to superior quality and a very refined production process, including a four-year aging process and the finest leaves available. Take a closer look at what makes this cigar the ultimate experience.

The Process

It all starts with Davidoff experts in the Dominican Republic. They hand select a blend of tobaccos that will age for 4 years. The farmers understand that product quality matters. They only select the best leaves based on color and shape. This process takes a total of 35 days. The leaves are then hung to dry in ranchos as part of the curing process. They monitor the carefully selected leaves for humidity and temperate for more than 45 days. Then fermentation takes place and the leaves are stored for 20-30 days.

High-grade cigar rollers make the cigars and then store them in an aging room. These cigars stay in the aging room until the oils and leaves merge into the perfect blend. Blends range from mild-bodied flavors like the Anniversarios to fuller-bodied lines of the Grand Cru and Puro d’Oro.

The attention to detail to the climate, weather, and soil when cultivating this tobacco is also the source of its high quality finished product, known as Davidoff cigars.

The Beauty in Aging

The most notable part of the process is the aging process. After the initial fermentation process of 20-30 days, the cigars are then aged for between 1 to 3 years. However, before rolling it into a cigar, the rarest of the Davidoff tobaccos age for as long as 10 years. This process develops an exquisite cigar in taste and aroma.

The Davidoff Cigar Line

The full line of cigars includes: Classic, Mille, Nicaragua, Grand Cru, PuroD’Oro, Millennium Blend, Special, Aniversario, Maduro, Primeros, Limited Editions, Royal, Colorado Claro Line, and Cigarillos. The Davidoff cigars are traditional Cuban cigar sizes. You also have your choice of strengths including smooth, medium, and full-bodied. Any cigar lover can find something just for them. When it comes to buying this brand of cigar, you also have the choice of aromas. Whether you like sweet and creamy, woody and earthy, peppery and spicy, or opulent and mellow, there is something special for every cigar lover to enjoy.

Overall, the Davidoff brand brings luxury and unmatched attention to detail when it comes to the leaf quality, detailed process, and variety within its line of cigars. If you choose the Davidoff cigar, enjoy the exquisite flavors, strengths, and sizes in its line before choosing a favorite.

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