Elegant Maria Theresa Chandeliers and Elegant Lighting Spiral Lamps Showcase a Variety of Designs

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The beauty of crystal makes the addition of lighting accessories such as wall sconces and chandeliers an ornate and sparkling enhancement to traditional and contemporary architectural designs. Transform any ordinary room into a palace of sorts with the use of lighting that features glass crystal designs.

The elegant Maria Theresa collection of chandeliers and sconces, as well as the Elegant Lighting Spiral collection of lights, are two examples of how lamps and ceiling fixtures can convert a humdrum home into a luxurious environment.

Crystal and Glass

In the early days of chandelier making, lights were simple constructions: two individual pieces of wood that were affixed to form a cross. Candles were used in the lighting, which were hung from the ceiling, casting and reflecting light. Crystal and glass were used to brighten and heighten the effect.

Creating Crystal Lighting Accessories

However, lamp makers soon found out that glass was not a good choice for reflecting light. Therefore, George Ravenscroft, in 1676, created a crystal that included lead oxide. The addition of the lead made it easier to cut and shape the rock. By the 1800s, Austrians had perfected the art of cutting and manufacturing crystalized stones.

Royal Cut and Elegant Cut Crystals

Today, crystals that are cut for the elegant Maria Theresa collection and Elegant Lighting Spiral accessories can be stylized with either royal cut or elegant cut style crystals. Royal cut crystals represent crystalline rocks that are machine cut, lead free and polished. The effervescent stones can also be presented fully leaded and machine cut. Elegant cuts of crystals represent 30% of premium, full leaded crystals with a machine–cut design.

Lighting Finishes

SWAROVSKI crystals are also included in elegant chandeliers and crystal lamps. With respect to finishes, chandeliers, wall sconces, flush mount lights and pendant lighting can feature a number of metallic tones and shades. Lamps that feature any of the aforementioned crystals can be designed with gold, chrome, pewter, copper or bronze bases and hardware.

How a Chandelier Can Take Up Space

While chandeliers that appear in such collections as the elegant Maria Theresa line or Elegant Lighting Spiral designs carry a seemingly commanding style, you don’t want to buy lamps in either collection that seem overdone in this respect. While a large chandelier or flush mount crystal light may make a room appear small or cramped, a small fixture might become lost among the furnishings.

Sizing a Light for Installation

Many elegant Maria Theresa chandeliers are displayed as the focal point of a foyer or are used as an elegant and decorative accent in a formal dining room. In order to size the light, just make sure that the tiered lamp is, at a minimum, four feet from each wall in a living space. The light should be at least thirty inches from a tabletop in a dining room.

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