Got Cookie? A Nostalgic Vaping Experience

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Uncategorized

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In the mood for a treat? You’re certainly in for one with this delight. “Got Cookie?” is the most decadent flavor yet to come out of the Nicoticket eJuice kitchen. This black and white chocolate flavored eJuice brings back the childlike joy of that vanilla cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. This dessert is one of the most treasured memories of our youth and as an eLiquid we can still enjoy the taste without the caloric regret afterwards. With a bottle of ‘Got Cookie?’ around you always have an answer to that sweet tooth without a follow-up trip to the gym.

Black & white chocolate flavored eLiquid? Sign me up.

Many chocolate eJuices tend to be rather heavy and seen as occasional treats. While ‘Got Cookie?’ can be used as such, this would be the first chocolate eJuice that could be considered as an all-day vape (ADV). The addition of vanilla gives a mellower and smoother draw that helps break up some of the denseness of the chocolate which makes for a pleasant vaping experience that is great for any time of the day. I was particularly fond of the inclusion of a hint of peppermint – a departure from what I might expect from a more traditional Oreo cookie – toward something that reminds of a hybrid between a Girl Scout Thin Mint and an Oreo – at least when it’s fresh… the mint really seems to recede into the chocolate medley with steep time.

Got Cookie? Combos!

When mixed with many other delicious sweet eLiquids, ‘Got Cookie?’ takes on a whole new role as one of the best eJuices to mix with. On its own, the flavor profile changes slightly over time, due to the steeping from the mint used in the original mix to add texture. This gives it a bit of a chocolate mint flavor right out of the bottle. Once it has mellowed down to its intended profile, feel free to mix it with a little Frenilla eLiquid for to get a “double-stuffed” taste to your eJuice. Other users have loved a mix of 30% Strawnilla with ‘Got Cookie?’ for a chocolate-covered strawberry taste. I’ve used Got Cookie to add a splash of chocolate to a wide variety of different vapes – from bakery style flavors like vanilla custard, to fruit – and even tobaccos

Nicoticket means quality

Only the purest of ingredients go into the products at Nicoticket and they are 100% sourced and manufactured in the United States of America. Their heart goes into each and every product and assurance of quality of ingredients and taste to the customers is their top priority. Their eJuices and eLiquids are tested extensively to ensure a vape that is pure in its flavor down to the very last drop without a chemical or burnt aftertaste.

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