Going Radii-cal: The Story Of Radii Sneakers

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Shopping

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In San Bernardino County, Southern California lays the small suburban metropolis of Chino. This small city has little claim to fame. Once an agricultural community, it now is home to several industries. One of the more colorful products of this community is Radii Footwear. Radii sneakers and other footwear have their headquarters at 5521 Schaefer Avenue.

A Brief History of the Company

Radii Footwear was founded in 2008 by young entrepreneur and designer Casey Arisohn. His passion for casual sneakers and high-quality athletic shoes dates back to when he was child. He expanded that knowledge when, at age 16, he went to work in retail. By 17, he had become a shoe buyer assistant. This was quickly followed by a position as a retail representative.

Meanwhile, Arisohn continued to attend college. He did not graduate, however. He saw his future to be in retail. Being in school prevented him from maintaining and expanding his interests and contacts. Yet, instead of being in sales, he became part of a private label. His role was as a consultant designer and even a manufacturer.

This was to launch his career in the shoe industry. An individual with whom he did business was impressed with his sneaker designs. They talked and soon Arisohn was a partner in a shoe manufacturing business. This was the beginning of Radii Footwear.

The first Radii Sneakers appeared in Las Vegas at the Magic Tradeshow. This took place in 2008. Within 6 months, Radii had $1M in sales. By 2009, they were shipping across the country and soon worldwide.  By 2010, they had more than 350 retail outlets as well as distribution in more than 10 countries.

Star Power

Along the way, Radii sneakers had the help of some high-powered stars. Their unique, stylish and colorful designs, appealed in particular to rappers. They were found on the feet of members of the Black-Eyed Peas and Gym Class Heroes as well as Jay Z, kool keith, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and Usher. Kobe Bryant, Lamar and other members of the California Lakers basketball team have also sported Radii sneakers.

Radii Footwear Defined

Radii sneakers are creative, stylish and available for reasonable prices. They seamlessly combine the principles of comfortable functionality with fashion. Whether you prefer classic styles or futuristic designs, Radii Footwear will satisfy your tastes.


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