The Various Models of Standby Generators in Chicago

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Electronic Equipment

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Electricity is one of those things people take for granted until it fails. Not everyone owns a backup generator which means not everyone is prepared for prolonged power loss. Commercial and residential backup generators in Chicago, Illinois are crucial to maintaining some level of comfort or functioning at home or at work. Standby generators are most commonly used in commercial applications, but are also suitable for residential applications. The following will provide information regarding some models and features of Generac Guardian generators in Chicago.

Guardian Series 8kW

The 8kW provides 10 circuit backup coverage with TruePower technology. It is best suited for backing up main electrical systems and some lighting where needed. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, Rhinocoat finish, LCD display, and the Generac Nexus Controller. This is a good solution for a small home. It will only power the essentials, not your whole home.

Guardian Series 14kW

If you need more power than the 8kW can provide, the 14wK provides 14 circuit backup power, natural gas to LP conversion, TruePower technology, Generac’s OHVI engine, sound reduction, easy installation, and the Rhinocoat finish. It is suitable for backing up a four to five ton air conditioning system and lighting and essentials. It can be used for home or office applications.

Guardian Series 20kW

When you want to power more than just essentials during a power outage, the Generac Guardian Series 20kW  is one of the best generators in Chicago you can use. It can provide whole house power protection and back up most commercial business operations. It features 20 circuit coverage and has all the features of the Guardian Series of generators. The 17kW can also maintain power for up to a whole house if you don’t need the 20kW.

These are only three of the Generac Guardian Series generators you can use as a standby power solution for your home or business. It is wise to be prepared for power outages since they occur more often nowadays and especially in large cities like Chicago. Being prepared means choosing the best generators in Chicago that meet your home or business needs. Penco Electric, Inc. brings over 25 years of experience to the table, provides quality products and services, and a large inventory of standby gas powered generators for your needs.

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