Improve Your Driving Visibility With Window Repair in Bellmore

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Repair and Service

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The windshield in your car could well be it’s most important feature. It protects you from the elements as well as any flying debris you might encounter on the open road. There are many things that can break that windshield including pebbles that get picked up by tires of passing vehicles and junk that might fall off of those vehicles. A small chip in your windshield is often easily fixed, but heavily cracked glass will need to be replaced. Surprisingly, there are quite a few automobiles in Bellmore being driven about with chipped, cracked or outright broken windshields.

Small chips and cracks are usually an easy Window Repair in Bellmore. Modern adhesives are available that will secure the cracked glass to keep the break from spreading. This can be very important in colder climates because cracks in your windshield will spread during freezing weather and what was once a simple little fracture could spiderweb over the entire glass. Once that crack spreads there is little else to do but replace the glass.

In most cases, Window Repair in Bellmore is much cheaper than any glass replacement. However, not all cracks can be repaired with modern chemicals. Large chips and many pebble holes that pierce the windshield will stop the resin from spreading properly forcing the glass technician to require you install a replacement windshield. Long cracks in the glass are another problem that are difficult to repair. If the repair isn’t virtually invisible it may not pass the state’s legal requirements and require replacing as well.

Your glass technician can inspect your window and let you know which problems are fixable and which require new glass. Most companies will perform this simple service for no fee in the hopes that you will do business with them. Smart companies like Active Auto Glass also know it makes good business sense to ensure the customer is happy with their repair service so they will return when the windshield actually needs replacement. While you are talking to the service representatives you might want to consider a little tinting for your car. Auto glass tinting is one of the best ways to control the temperature inside your vehicle without spending a lot of money.

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