Purchase Custom Mugs Wholesale For Your Event Business

When you run an event business, people depend upon you to keep everything under control and to organize an event that is memorable. Whether you specialize in professional events or personal parties, it’s important that you have the connections necessary to order items at wholesale prices. Not only does this help you save money, but it allows you to order event items in bulk. As an event planner, you’re often expected to provide party favors or promotional gifts for guests. Mugs and glasses are perfect party gifts, and you can purchase glasses and custom mugs wholesale from an online retailer.

Uses For Custom Mugs

You may be thinking that you don’t plan too many events where a mug or glass is an ideal party favor. However, mugs are perfect gifts for professional events where the host wants to utilize as many marketing methods as possible. Buying custom mugs wholesale allows you to order mugs in bulk and have them custom designed with the business owner’s name, business name, or company logo. You can fill them with candies, pens, a small date book, a business card, and any other business specific items that will fit into the mug.

If you’re planning a personal party, there are a number of different party themes where a mug makes an ideal favor. A country themed birthday party is the perfect occasion for a stoneware soup mug filled with small mementos. Providing small custom designed espresso mugs for an Italian themed dinner party is not only cute but practical.

Placing Bulk Orders

When you place a bulk order it’s important that you know how long it takes the online retailer to process the order and ship it out. Ordering custom mugs wholesale means that you need to give the retailer time to imprint the custom design, package the mugs, and get the package shipped out. If you’re ordering a small bulk order, you can probably expect to get your order within a week or two. If you’re ordering for a huge event with hundreds of guests, it may take at least two weeks for everything to arrive. This is important because you don’t want to promise anything to your clients and then not have the mugs arrive in time for the party. With wholesale pricing, you can order budget friendly party favors that will impress the guests and please the host.


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