Ite Circuit Breakers: What to Consider When Purchasing New or Used

Ite circuit breakers are essential electrical components which are designed to provide protection from the dangers of an electrical current overload. This is accomplished by the tripping of a breaker when the condition presents itself. The supply of electricity is shut off and the danger of a fire is eliminated. Ite is a very popular brand which offers extremely well-built circuit breakers. They are also available for purchase in both new and used condition which affords an opportunity to save a little money without compromising on effective equipment. Many used and reconditioned units are sold, but there remains a question of whether or not used or reconditioned circuit breakers are a good idea in terms of safety. Discover below some of the advantages and disadvantages to purchasing and using a reconditioned or used circuit breaker.

Advantages of Used or Reconditioned Ite Circuit Breakers

Purchasing reconditioned circuit breakers can obviously reduce the costs when compared to buying a brand new one. Those which have been reconditioned or refurbished to like new conditions have been thoroughly tested, if these repair and test processes have been performed properly, the breaker will be in usable condition but may have a shorter life span. Under the right conditions they can be as safe as new units.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Used Circuit Breakers

Unless the used components have been thoroughly reconditioned, replaced, tested, and their worthiness can be confirmed, they can be damaged and unsafe for use. Some parts to avoid are those which have been scavenged or may be counterfeited which can pose an exceptionally high risk for consumers. In general, those which do not come with a UL label, factory specifications or a manufacturer’s warranty may not be such a good deal after all. It’s always smart to remember the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.”

What to Look for When Purchasing Used Circuit Breakers

A visual inspection can provide little in terms of assessing the safety of used or reconditioned parts. If exposed to the elements there could be corrosion or cracks below the surface which can’t be seen easily with the naked eye. If you decide to buy used, make sure they are reconditioned and have been thoroughly tested with evidence of the work which was done. Ensure that the performance is guaranteed by the company which has certified the reconditioning. There should also be a valid UL label attached. Specific guidelines for testing must have been followed and accurate performance validated with the date of manufacture available.

Extra care must be taken to ensure any used circuit breakers purchased come with proof that they have been thoroughly reconditioned with any needed repairs made by certified staff. They must come with all of the specifications and labeling for proof of testing and validation of meeting safety guidelines. The company which performed the reconditioning must have a proven track record of success with lots of positive feedback as well. For more information on Ite circuit breakers or any other kind of breaker, new or used, you can visit the professionals at BreakerOutlet.



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