Purchasing Inkjet Cartridges: What You Need to Know

The task of going out to buy inkjet cartridges can be stressful and overwhelming – what if you can’t figure out which one you need to buy? How can you know you’re getting a great discount but not sacrificing quality? And most importantly: how do you fit that trip to the store into your already busy day? For these reasons, many people go with online retailers to save them time and money. Read the tips below for help figuring out the best online ink merchant for your needs.

A Convenient, Easy to Use Website

First, you want the website you visit to have certain functions that will make it super easy to shop for what you need. The site should be well-organized and easy to navigate, with drop-down menus allowing you to choose the make and model of your specific printer. There are so many companies that make printers and inkjet cartridges that you’ll need to know your specifications before you shop. An online shopping cart and ways to track your order are also must-haves. Finally, the site should have multiple contact options for when you need to talk to a representative: a toll-free phone number, an online question submission form, and maybe even a live chat function.

Upfront Info

The company you choose to buy your inkjet cartridges from should also be clear about the standards they hold and the prices they offer. Some retailers can promise only products that have been evaluated under certain federal quality management standards such as ISO 9001. The pricing of each product should be stated clearly on the product’s page along with its specifications so you can be sure you’re getting the right one. Some product pages will also helpfully suggest links to the other colors you might need to purchase for the same machine.

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