Schedule Airport Transfers in New York for Friends and Family

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If you have friends and family coming in to New York City from out of town, make their trip a little smoother by scheduling a helicopter transfer for them. Connecting flights can be a hassle; you can surprise the ones you love by making the effort to help them reach a connecting flight at a different airport. This is especially reasonable for New York airport transfers.

Scheduling an Airport Transfer Is Easy

When you call or go online to schedule a NYC airport transfer, you need to have certain information ready. You cannot control the weather of course, but it helps to know what the outlook may be since bad weather conditions will ground a helicopter transfer. Make sure you know the exact number of people that will be taking the transfer since there is a minimum of two people per flight. Even if you have only one person to schedule, chances are there will be another person scheduled for the same day. Once you have scheduled the flight and been given a confirmation number, then you need to let your loved ones know you have scheduled a transfer for them.

Information Needed to Board a Scheduled Flight Transfer

Friends and family that are taking the transfer flight need to have photo identification in order to board the helicopter, and they should also have the confirmation number handy, as well. It is always a good idea to arrive at least thirty minutes early, if possible. Most helicopter transfer companies want you to watch a video concerning the transfer flight and what to expect. If for some reason a flight has been canceled and the helicopter transfer needs to be cancelled too, contact them with at least forty-eight hours of notice. The weather may be the cause for a delayed or cancelled transfer flight. Normally the flight can be rescheduled, and you will not be charged any extra fees due to bad weather.

The Convenience of a Helicopter Transfer in New York City

An airport helicopter transfer will take the stress out of reaching the airport for a final flight. Helicopter transfers provide a safe and convenient way for people to reach their next flight. Not to mention the view from the air is spectacular, even if it is a short trip of twelve minutes. Your friends and family are sure to enjoy the ride.

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