The Diversity of 12V Solar Batteries

With the rising costs in utilities around the country, more and more people are investing in, or at least researching solar panels. Quite simply, these devices collect the natural light from the sun, store it in batteries, which can then be used as you need them for lights, electronic devices, tools, appliances and more. With the advancements in technology as well, consumers are now able to find smaller portable solar panel devices which can provide enough juice to run a laptop, smartphone, GPS or other electronic item.

The Benefits to a Solar Battery Bank

Most home based solar systems run on 12 volt as lighting, appliances and other devices are specifically made in the boat and recreational vehicle market which can be used perfectly on a home system. A wide number of people who decide to go the solar route debate on which battery is best for their uses. You do end up with a few choices.

  • Deep cycle valve-regulated batteries are sealed, so there is never a need to add water or any other fluids. This adds to their appeal since they can be installed and safely used in any position.
  • Flooded lead acid units are similar in size, but should only be used flat as they can leak. The downside to this is the acid may harm skin or corrode other items nearby.
  • Many homeowners using alternative power systems choose to use the sealed AGM type units as they can last three times longer than traditional deep cycle units. In addition, they can be stored safely indoors as they will not leak nor vent any dangerous fumes when being charged or used.

Finding the right battery for your system will depend on the voltage you are in need of, as 2V, 6V and 12V are most popular. It could also depend on how many units you plan to string together since a battery bank can consist of a dozen or more individual units.

Finding the Right Batteries for your Needs

Whether you plan on setting up your own solar system, or are moving into the world of battery powered vehicles, there are thousands of unique items which all require some form of contained power. Finding the right household, electronic, vehicle or electric scooter batteries may seem daunting at first with all of the choices available, but by visiting a website such as Business Name you will find a well-organized inventory of most styles, sizes and prices for whatever device you have which needs power.

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